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Ear Candling

Ear Candling services offered in Aurora, CO

Ear candling is an ancient treatment that can clear the ear canal and ease pressure. At Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio, experienced ear candling practitioners Reverend Cynthia Pepping and the team offer this soothing treatment in their Aurora, Colorado, office. While everyone experiences ear candling differently, it has been known to lessen sinus pressure and relieve “itchy ears”. Also, many cultures consider Candling a spiritual practice to clear the mind and senses. Call the office or click the online scheduler to set up your appointment now. 

What is ear candling?

Ear candling is an ancient practice in which long fabric “candles” or cones are twisted at one end and placed in the ear canal. 

The other end is then lit. The spiral candle shape pulls smoke down into the ear canal, and that smoke warms and loosens earwax and other debris. 

The flame also creates a kind of vacuum that pulls those materials out of your ear and into the paper candle.

Who needs ear candling?

Ear candling is an effective way to remove impurities and earwax buildup, and many people find it considerably more pleasant than other methods of wax removal.

Ear candling uses gentle suction to draw out the earwax. Because the ear canal and sinuses are connected, many people believe that ear candling can also help clear congested sinuses.

Many cultures consider ear candling a deeply spiritual practice that can help clear the senses and the mind. 

People who have an eardrum perforation cannot have ear candling. If you have a history of this type of ear problem, speak to your medical doctor before trying ear candling. 

Not everyone experiences ear candling the same way, so it’s important to discuss the therapy and your goals with the team ahead of your first appointment. This helps you understand what to expect and protects you from potential issues. 

What ear candling options are available?  

Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio offers a range of ear candling services to meet the needs of the client. You can choose the number of ear candles used, from 2-8. Two candles take about 20 minutes, and four take 40 minutes. 

Six-candle sessions also include a light face and neck massage, taking about an hour. Eight-candle sessions also include light massage and includes acupressure, taking about 90 minutes. The team can recommend the ear candling session that is best for your goals. 

Call the Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio office or book your ear candling session through the online scheduler today.