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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling services offered in Aurora, CO

Spiritual counseling does not need to take one single path. At Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio, as an Interfaith Minister Reverend Cynthia Pepping provides spiritual counseling that meets you where you are on your personal Spiritual  journey of growth, drawing upon your own Spiritual beliefs. Each session is tailored to your individual desire to connect with the Divine and Sacred and to your individual needs in the Aurora, Colorado, office, so schedule your first visit online or call the office today.

What is spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling is a therapeutic practice that focuses on your spiritual well-being. When the word “spiritual” comes up, many people assume this kind of counseling refers to Bible-based Christian counseling. 

At Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio, spiritual counseling is inclusive, loving, and accepting of all people. Reverend Cynthia Pepping recognizes that each person has their unique relationship with Spirit and is here to help you strengthen that relationship while improving your spiritual wellness and quality of life.

Who needs spiritual counseling? 

Spiritual counseling can help anyone who feels lost, uncertain, anxious, unhappy, or confused about their spirituality and how having a Spiritual life can bring fulfillment, peace and joy into being. Many people who struggle with spirituality feel as though something is missing from their life or long for deeper meaning in their life. 

Spiritual counseling can help you forge the relationship with Spirit that you desire and deserve, leading to a greatly enriched life and a new appreciation for your personal faith and spirituality.

All people are welcome to seek spiritual counseling at Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio. Reverend Cynthia Pepping emphasizes inclusivity and welcomes LGBTQ+ clients. Helping you grow in your unique spiritual journey, no matter what that looks like for you.

What does spiritual counseling include?

Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio provides spiritual counseling attuned to individual needs. Spiritual Counseling is led by an experienced Interfaith Minister who approaches people where they are in their own beliefs and spirituality.

With more than 14 years of experience in spiritual counseling, Reverend Cynthia Pepping can create experiences that feed your soul and enable tremendous spiritual progress and peace in your life.

Spiritual counseling explores both your past and future, focusing on the present. Reverend  Cynthia Pepping is experienced in grief and trauma counseling, having studied at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and can offer powerful past-life regression experiences as well if it is believed to be beneficial to your spiritual growth. 

Your spiritual counseling is every bit as unique as you are. The process ultimately helps you become more self-aware, find new meaning in life, create new goals for the future, and draw ongoing strength and inspiration from your spiritual beliefs. 

Hey Gorgeous Wellness Studio is here to help you along your unique path so you can discover the power and beauty of your spirituality to live a life full of wonder. Appointments are available in the office. Call or book your appointment online today.